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Many of you have been asking for our stickers.
We usually packed these for our team, promos, and online purchases but finally we have them for everyone!

For only $3 you can get yourself a custom envelope full of stickers and maybe even a special gift?!
Oh and did we mention, these ship for FREE… WORLDWIDE!!!

Get busy slapping and get creative with our stickers.
Make sure to tag us in your pictures: #bollakills #allcitykillers

Available now in the ONLINE SHOP.
Remember all domestic orders over $75 gets free shipping!

It’s Official!

The Agenda Trade Show is a forum for the most inspired in the streetwear and action sports industries to unite. Lines speak for themselves and buyers are not intimidated by the usual overwhelming tradeshow experience. From the garage-run lines on the verge of explosion, to the well-established elite, Agenda caters to the needs of buyers and brands that exist on a higher level of design and aesthetic. With a strong emphasis in style, art, music and culture, the Agenda experience is as much a lesson as it is a tool.
Long Beach is a paramount two-day youth-culture forum. Encompassing each facet of California lifestyle. With over 700 brands represented, this makes for a cohesive experience showcasing brands grouped by styled merchandising story and the place to be.

Agenda is a very selective and well curated show and the in this day of age, there is not a single individual that is not familiar with the Agenda name and power it holds in the industry.
I have been attending the Agenda tradeshows as a buyer for almost over a decade. From the day it started as a rookie show in San Diego battling against ASR, the Huntington Beach trial, to it’s expansion to New York City and the most recent addition to Las Vegas now battling against Magic!
I’ve grown with them and seen firsthand what Agenda has become and has given back to the industry. This is where I’ve met most of my team members, colleagues, friends, and gained knowledge plus experience of how to run a business. All the way from presentation to production, this is where I’ve built my stepping stone into the industry.

When we decided to branch out to the wholesale world, we never imagined to get such a positive response or grow this rapidly. It only felt natural to expand to the worldwide market and showcase our work.
There are a lot of upcoming independent tradeshows coming up and giving small brands like ourselves the chance of a lifetime to showcase their work, but personally it’s Agenda or bust.
So when deciding where to invest in, it was a no brainer to have Agenda as our debut show. We our honor to be apart of it and super blessed to be invited to showcase our line to the world!

See you all in January 7, 2014!!!
Bolla Will Kill.

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Krooked: Circle Board in NYC.

Never Built: Los Angeles.

A glimpse of what Los Angeles could have been…



Went down to HVW8 Gallery for a site visit to check out Kevin Lyons new show, Shits and Giggles.
Some hilarious pieces, Klyons always comes correct!
















The show goes on until Nov 10th.
Make sure to go check it out and the amazing mural in the back!

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